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Smart Vents at Gaster Lumber & Hardware

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At Gaster Lumber & Hardware, we offer a range of quality building supplies that serious and professional building contractors use. From garage doors to fireplaces, and interior and exterior doors, we have them all.

One of our special offerings also happens to be a wide range of Smart Vent products. Smart Vent offers flood vents and foundation vents that protect homes, commercial spaces, garages, and other areas from water clogging and subsequent damage caused by it.

Flood vents are extremely beneficial, especially in flood-prone areas, as they prevent hydrostatic pressure build-up that can lead to damage in an establishment’s walls and, on a more serious note, its foundation. Smart Vent is the leading manufacturer of flood venting systems in the world. Its product line has been accepted by FEMA and certified by the ICC-ES. Builders, contractors, architects, and surveyors all around the world are turning to Smart Vent products to ensure safe and flood damage-proof buildings.

Not only does Smart Vent offer you protection from building damage, but it also gives you some great benefits on your insurance premium. If you have Smart Vent’s foundation vents or flood vents installed in your building, you can get up to 83 percent off on your flood premium.

Smart Vent Models

Model 1540-510

This marine grade 316 stainless steel Smart Vent foundation model offers the dual functions of flood protection and natural air ventilation. Powder coating options are available for this model.

Model 1540-570

​The wood wall flood vent offers insulation and weather stripping function as well.

Designed to occupy spaces between wood studs, this model comes in the standard marine grade stainless steel.

Model 1540-520

This flood vent foundation comes with an insulation function that keeps out warm or cold air and is armed with a 2-inch Styrofoam core with a value of 8.34R placed inside the vent door.

Model 1540-524

​This is an overhead garage door product that provides insulation and weather stripping. With the same Styrofoam core as the model 1540-520, this model is perfect to install into an existing garage door without making too many changes. The product comes in marine grade stainless steel coated in white powder.